About Us


KINESIS, with his headquarters in Ankara/Turkey, is an international renewable energy investor and EPC contractor. Since his inception in 2008, KINESIS has completed the construction and investment of 102 MW of renewable energy power plants and put into operation. The investments are composed of a 32 MWm Wind Project in Turkey and a total of 70 MWp Solar Projects in various locations in Turkey and Italy.

KINESIS cooperated with several multilateral agencies and reputable banks in Italy, Germany and Turkey for his own investments and successfully closed project financing agreements in the amount of more than €100 Million in cumulative.

The renewables are gaining more importance over the conventional fossil fueled power plants which will be mostly pushed out of the generation mixes in the near future mainly due to the increasing climatic concerns. Besides, thanks to the continuous developments in technologies, the renewable energy projects have undoubtedly proven themselves that they reached the market parities and can offer very attractive returns even without requiring any governmental subsidies. This has sparked the subsidy-free renewable energy revolution in most of the European energy markets over the recent years. Based on his visionary approach combined with solid experience and strong financial capability, KINESIS is highly committed to be a part of this new era. To this purpose, KINESIS is showing presence in the Spanish and Italian markets and aims to develop and construct subsidy-free solar and wind projects. As of today KINESIS through his sister holding company (KE-RENINVESTMENT S.A.U incorporated in Madrid/Spain) is the sole owner of a portfolio with more than 190 MW cumulative capacity under development.

KINESIS establishes long-term partnerships with local communities, developers, local and international engineering firms and financial institutions in the aim of building, constructing and operating green energy projects in highly competitive markets. KINESIS with his own engineers, lawyers, accountants and financiers, is able to manage the risk and complexity of development, construction, financing and operation of international projects while ensuring an unwavering dedication to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.